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Some dream that in the coming decades humankind will freely voyage to the Moon and Mars and back. This dream, however, is that of an Earth-bound.
There is another dream, one in which humans shed their earthly chains, only occasionally traveling back to Earth from bases on the Moon and Mars. These humans will become “Spacelings”, and their experience of the extremes of space shall give rise to a deeper understanding of nature, which will in turn boost children’s imaginations and adults’ ability to make wise choices. The Spacelings evolved mindset may be a key to solving problems currently preventing us from living more happily and comfortably together.

For the future of humankind, let’s now take our first steps, right here on Earth, on our voyage to the stars!

Welcome to Sora Tourism!

Sora Tourism is a non-profit collaboration of public, private, and academic organizations around Japan related to space and space tourism.
Sora Tourism promotes space tourism by shining a light on all the fantastic space resources out there, with the ultimate goal of making manifest the happiness, healing and dreams of all people.

*Sora Tourism is the abridged name for the Sora Tourism Promotion Council.

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In Japanese, “sora” can mean either “universe”, “space”, or “sky”.

The distant Universe, with its beautiful shining stars, draws us into its endless mysteries. Space beckons us to blast off from Earth to the ISS, the Moon, and Mars. The Sky heals and inspires us, painting itself with graceful sunrises, melancholic sunsets, and magical auroras.
At Sora Tourism, we use the word “sora” to encompass these myriad of charms of the heavens, space, and the sky.

Hidehiko Agata, Sora Tourism Promotion Council Representative
Sora Tourism Promotion Council Representative
Hidehiko Agata,

What do the Sora Tourism® founding members think of the relationships between space and themselves, space and society, and space and Earth?

I wonder if you, like me, have ever found yourself looking up at the night sky at a time of difficulty or sadness? I have often found solace in the night sky. However, I have equally often found great joy gazing up at a star-filled night sky together with my family or new acquaintances. There’s nothing like a wonderful starry sky when you’re by yourself examining your future and your past, or when you’re sharing a moment of empathy with a large group of people.

This is astro-tourism, an extraordinary opportunity to know yourself and others more deeply. Together, let’s be a part of this wonderful experience as a bigger community!

3.8 billion years ago, life began. It left the ocean floor, crawled onto land and even took to the skies. The instincts motivating it to do so are surely inherent in our human DNA, too, compelling us to leave the Earth and voyage into space. The day when any of us can do this draws closer. Look up to the sky, to space, to the universe, and believe in the future!

Professor Hiroaki Akiyama
Wakayama University
Professor Hiroaki Akiyama

Sora Tourism® exists to increase access to all things space-related; from study tours to hands-on learning, and ultimately to space itself. At high schools and universities around Japan, we have already established teams taking the steps to make this dream a reality. Going forwards, we are seeking ways to inform and involve the wider community too, by exhibiting our students’ projects and the results of our joint experiments.

Naoko Yamazaki
Former JAXA Astronaut
Naoko Yamazaki

We are all children of the Universe. You could even say the stars are our siblings. When I went to space I was moved by a sense of nostalgia, as if I were visiting my hometown. In order for more people can get to feel such a proximity with space, I want to work with you all and help coalesce the Sora Tourism® resources around Japan. Looking to the coming age of space travel, I hope we can be a bridge between Earth and extra-terrestrial cultures.

Council Overview

Council Goals

Our goal is to call greater attention to the value of our “sora”, and the tourism potential of the sky, space and the universe. Through Sora Tourism activities, and by building a network of local governments and organizations, we aspire to create opportunities for more people from all around Japan to experience the joy and healing of “sora”.

The Council’s Organizational Flowchart

Members on the board of directors

Hidehiko Agata: Representative (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, Associate Professor;Natural Science Advertisement and Outreach Agency, Representative)
Hiroaki Akiyama (Wakayama University and Chiba Institute of Technology, Professor)
Naoko Yamazaki (Former JAXA Astronaut)
Kazunari Yoshida (Nippon Travel Agency Co., Ltd., Business Co-creation Promotion Headquarters, Deputy General Manager)
Yasuhisa Tsuzuki (Star-Party Planner)
Hiroyuki Ida (Tottori Prefectural Government Tourism and Exchange Bureau Tourism Attraction Division, Charm Offensive Unit Head)
Takahiro Mochizuki (Oscar Promotion Co.,Ltd)
Makoto Arai (Dentsu Inc/Dentsu Space Lab)
Hiroyuki Iwamoto (JAXA Business Development and Industrial Relations Dept. Director)